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Name:   Hawaii Mapping Research Group   Abbreviation:   HMRG
Contact:   Margo Edwards   Institution:   University of Hawaii, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology
Description:   Hawaii Mapping Research Group operates MR1, IMI12, IMI30, and DSL-120 towed sonar and mapping systems.

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Hawaii MR1 (HMRG) HAWAII MR1 is a shallow towed sidescan sonar system that collects digital bathymetry and acoustic imagery data in all ocean depths. Margo Edwards
IMI12 (HMRG) The IMI12 is a 12 kHz shallow towed sidescan sonar instrument which collects digital bathymetry and acoustic imagery in all ocean depths. Note: INACTIVE Margo Edwards
IMI120 (HMRG - formerly DSL 120A) Towed underwater mapping vehicle Margo Edwards
IMI30 (HMRG) A deep-towed, full-ocean depth (6000 m), 30 kHz multibeam phase-difference bathymetric sidescan sonar plus multibeam subbottom profiler. Margo Edwards