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Question:   How do I customize my home pages?
Answer:   Click on the Customize Homepages tab from any of your user home pages.

If you want to make a new home page, type in the name that you wish to call it and click "Create New Homepage".

To edit the order of the items on each page you can use the arrows to change the order of the items, or use the red "X" to delete items.

If you want to change the order of the tabs as they appear on your user home pages you can use the arrows to move the order, or if you wish to delete a tab, click on the red "X".

To add items to a user home page you need to select the page name in the drop down list first, then click on the "Add" buttons for each item you wish to add to your pages.

To rename pages click on the "(rename page)" link for each page.

To return to your home page or a certain page when finished, you can click on the name or use the "User Home" link at the top of the page.