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Name:   Clifford A Barnes   Abbreviation:   Barnes
Ship Class:   Coastal/Local   Institution:   University of Washington
Homeport:   Seattle, WA, USA   Currently Active:   Inactive
Call Sign:   WRN5495   ICES Ship Code:   33CB
Official Number:   WN9191LB   IMO Code:   CG007419
UNOLS Ship ID:   CB   Ship Web Page :

Points of Contact

TypePoint Of ContactJob Title
Scheduling Doug Russell, UW Marine Superintendent
Marine Technician Loren Tuttle, UW Supervisor of SSSG
Scheduling Robert Kamphaus, UW Marine Supt

Ship Schedules

 YearStatus# CruisesSchedule NameDate Last Modified
View2008Final22R/V Clifford A. Barnes 2008 Mar 03, 2009
View2009Final14R/V Clifford A. Barnes 2009 Jan 05, 2010
View2010Final142010 Final Schedule Dec 28, 2010
View2011Final172011 Final Schedule Nov 15, 2012
View2012Final282012 Schedule Jan 02, 2013
View2013Final232013 Final Schedule Dec 26, 2013
View2014Final132014 Final Schedule Jan 02, 2015
View2015Final162015 Final Schedule Jan 08, 2016
View2016Final212016 Schedule Dec 28, 2016
View2017Final482017 Final Schedule Apr 16, 2018
View2018Final32018 Clifford A Barnes Schedule Jan 01, 2019