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Name:   Melville   Abbreviation:   Melville
Ship Class:   Global   Institution:   UCSD, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Homeport:   San Diego, CA, USA   Currently Active:   Inactive
Call Sign:   WECB   ICES Ship Code:   318M
Official Number:   CF0719XS   IMO Code:   7738591
UNOLS Ship ID:   ME   Ship Web Page :

Points of Contact

TypePoint Of ContactJob Title
Scheduling Hannah Delapp, SIO Ship Schedulers
Marine Technician Woody Sutherland, SIO

Ship Schedules

 YearStatus# CruisesSchedule NameDate Last Modified
View2008Final24Final 2008 Schedule Dec 31, 2008
View2009Final14Melville Jan 04, 2010
View2010Final20Schedule Jan 03, 2011
View2011Final162011 Schedule Jan 03, 2012
View2012Final20  Jan 14, 2013
View2013Final19  Jan 06, 2014
View2014Final12  Jan 08, 2015