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Name:   National Deep Submergence Facility   Abbreviation:   NDSF
Contact:   Andrew D. Bowen   Institution:   Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Description:   UNOLS Designated Deep Submergence Facility operates DSV ALVIN, ROV JASON, AUV's ABE and SENTRY

Ancil Facilities

FacilityDescriptionContactWebpageOperator Schedule Page
Alvin Human Occupied Vehicle 4500m depth http://www.whoi.edu/marops/vehicles/alvin/index.html
Jason Remotely Operated Vehicle 6,500m depth http://www.whoi.edu/marops/vehicles/jason/index.html
Sentry Autonomous Benthic Explorer (ABE) 5,000 m depth (Later Sentry) http://www.whoi.edu/marops/vehicles/auv/