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Name:   Radioisotope Lab Van   Type:   UNOLS Van Pool
Contact:     Institution:  
Available Quantity:   6
Webpage:     Operator Schedule Page:  
Currently Active:   Active
Description:   Available from both the UNOLS East Coast and UNOLS West Coast Van Pools

UNOLS Research Vessels are Multi-Purpose Research Vessels that support both enhanced radioisotope science as well as natural abundance science. It takes less than a single drop of enhanced isotope to RUIN Natural Abundance work. Please take a minute to read through the UNOLS Radioisotope Awareness Program,

and share the tools at the bottom with the radioisotope users within your science party.

Ancillary Facility Schedules

 YearAncillary Facility# CruisesDate Last Modified
View 2014 Radioisotope Lab Van 2 Nov 28, 2016
View 2015 Radioisotope Lab Van 2 Dec 18, 2015
View 2016 Radioisotope Lab Van 3 Jan 03, 2017
View 2017 Radioisotope Lab Van 2 Apr 29, 2018
View 2018 Radioisotope Lab Van 1 Dec 18, 2018
View 2019 Radioisotope Lab Van 10 Jan 08, 2020
View 2020 Radioisotope Lab Van 3 Dec 18, 2020
View 2021 Radioisotope Lab Van 8 Jan 04, 2022