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Name:   Towfish   Type:   Towed Underwater Vehicle
Contact:   Cabell Davis   Institution:   Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Available Quantity:   1
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Currently Active:   Active
Description:   Opportunistic high-speed sampling with the Video Plankton Recorder on R/V Atlantis: Transit from Barbados to Uruguay.

Principal Investigator: Cabell Davis, Biology Dept, WHOI
Senior personnel: Fredrik Thwaites, AOPE Dept, WHOI
Phillip Alatalo, Biology Dept, WHOI

Proposal Abstract
The ocean covers 70% of the earth and plays a key role in regulating our climate, weather, and atmosphere. Plankton form the base of the ocean food web and are controlled by physical, chemical, and biological interactions operating across a broad range of scales from the individual organism to the ocean basin. Traditional sampling with nets and bottles is limited in time and space and destroys fragile forms, which are dominant components of oceanic communities. Prior support from the Dalio Explorer Fund allowed us to conduct unprecedented multi-scale high-resolution sampling of plankton and environmental variables during the M/V Alucia’s transit from Honolulu to P

Facility Organization

Name:   Multidisciplinary Instrumentation in Support of Oceanography Facility   Abbreviation:   MISO
Contact:   Daniel J. Fornari   Institution:   Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Description:   The Multidisciplinary Instrumentation in Support of Oceanography (MISO) Facility provides an adequate pool of commonly used and essential digital imaging equipment and associated sensors and acoustic transponders for various experiments and programs in the ocean sciences. The approach is to ensure that adequate technical support is available to maintain the equipment pool and mobilize/demobilize it when needed by scientists and provide operational expertise for use of the equipment.

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