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Name:   Cape Hatteras   Abbreviation:   Hatteras
Ship Class:   Regional   Institution:   Duke University
Homeport:   Beaufort, NC, USA   Currently Active:   Inactive
Call Sign:   WRZ8934   ICES Ship Code:   32KZ
Official Number:   CG002662   IMO Code:   8023541
UNOLS Ship ID:   CH   Ship Web Page :   None

Points of Contact

TypePoint Of ContactJob Title
Scheduling Lillian E. Govoni, DUML Executive Officer
Marine Superintendent Rebecca S. Smith, DUML Marine Superintendent
Marine Technician Lillian E. Govoni, DUML Executive Officer

Ship Schedules

 YearStatus# CruisesSchedule NameDate Last Modified
View2007Final19Cape Hatteras 2007 new system Feb 27, 2008
View2008Final15Schedule 8/6/2008 Jan 02, 2009
View2009Final19Cape Hatteras 2009 Jan 05, 2010
View2010Final27Cape Hatteras 2010 Jan 19, 2011
View2011Final18Cape Hatteras FINAL Jan 04, 2012
View2012Final22  Jan 15, 2013
View2013Final2CH 2013 Mar 21, 2013