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Name:   Point Sur   Abbreviation:   Point Sur
Ship Class:   Regional   Institution:   Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Homeport:   Moss Landing, CA, USA   Currently Active:   Inactive
Call Sign:   WSC2276   ICES Ship Code:   32P0
Official Number:   CF1872XF   IMO Code:   8023539
UNOLS Ship ID:   PS   Ship Web Page :   None

Points of Contact

TypePoint Of ContactJob Title
Scheduling Murray Stein, UAF_CFOS Marine Superintendent
Marine Superintendent Murray Stein, UAF_CFOS Marine Superintendent
Marine Technician Stian Alesandrini, MLML Senior Marine Technician
Other Maria Kaanapu, MLML Operations Analyst

Ship Schedules

 YearStatus# CruisesSchedule NameDate Last Modified
View2008Final292008 working schedule Dec 31, 2008
View2009Final30Funded Cruises Jan 04, 2010
View2010Final21R/V Point Sur - 2010 Dec 20, 2010
View2011Final25Point Sur 2011 Jan 03, 2012
View2012Final25R/V Point Sur 2012 Dec 20, 2012
View2013Final252013 revised final schedule - Rose please review Feb 07, 2014
View2014Final2512/3 Final Mar 07, 2018