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Ship: Atlantis Schedule Status: Final Schedule ID: 10625
Schedule Year: 2009 Schedule Name: Atlantis 2009
Notes: Teske and Reysenback/Tivey cruises will move one or dive from one program to the other. The number of total days will remain the same.
2/21: Added magnetometer survey for Schouten during transit from Costa Rica to SD
2/21: Cut 3 Lilley dives from Holden/Embley/Lilley cruise and shifted start date later.
2/25: Three non op days added to the Neptune cruise
2/26:Shifted Tivey/Reysenbach cruise before Teske and moved one dive to the Teske cruise. Moved Alvin Eng dive from Teske cruise to the Holden cruise
3/26: Atlantis arrived on 3/23 not 3/24
5/6: Shifted Astoria departure from 9/8 to 9/7
5/18: shifted departure from San Diego to June 4th.
6/10: Atlantis arrived into Astoria on June 9th.
7/5: Atlantis departed Victoria on July 4
7/12: added port stop in Victoria for repair of ROPOS transducer
8/10: changed arrival and departure in Victoria for Neptune
8/17: changed the arrival into Victoria back to 8/14
8/21: Changed end port of Nooner cruise to Costa Rica
8/27: Additional port stop in Astoria Aug 25-26 to repair starboard drive.
10/20: departed SD a day late due to Hurricane Rick
10/27: changed arrival to 3rd due to delayed departure
11/10: Atlantis departed from Guaymas 11/8
11/17: Atlantis will arrive into Guaymas on 11/18
12/10: Nooner cruise will depart on 12/15 and arrive on 01/03, will use Alvin
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Ship Request Information
Operator Cruise ID:
Chief Scientist: None
Activity Type: Transit Cruise
Created By: Elizabeth Caporelli
Compare Request:
Project Short Title:
Requested Year:
Requested Ship:  
Request Type:  
Created By:  
Load Non-charge Days: 0
Load Charge Days: 0   Load Date: 12/9/2009
Activity Days: 0 Adjustment Days Start Date: 12/9/2009
Transit Days: 4 0 End Date: 12/12/2009
Unload Charge Days: 0   Unload Date: 12/12/2009
Unload Non-charge Days: 0
Mob Days:  
Science Days: Optimum Start Date:
Transit Estimate: Earliest Start Date:
Demob Days: Latest Start Date:
Repeating Cruise: Dates To Avoid:
Number of Repeating Cruises: Repeating Interval:
Repeating Cruise Comments:
PI   Project/Purpose   Agency   Funding Status   Op Days
    NSF/OCE/EDU   Funded   4
  Start Port: Guaymas, Mexico
  End Port: Manzanillo, Mexico
Requested Start Port:
Intermediate Port(s):
Requested End Port:
Port Comments:
  Lat/Long Marsden Grid Navy Op Area
Op Area Description:
  Lat/Long Marsden Grid Navy Op Area
Op Area Description:
Coastal States Requiring Clearance:
Foreign Clearance Required:
Foreign Clearance Comments:
Ancil Facilities:
Instrumentation Requested:
Instrumentation Comments:
Ancil Facilities Requested:
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