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 Project Short TitlePI NamePI InstitutionFunding Agency# Requests 
ViewMeasuring Fish Kelly Benoit-Bird OSU_COASNAVY/ONR2Show Requests
ViewCO2/ReptHydro-I8S/9N James Swift SIONSF/OCE/PO1Show Requests
ViewPLUME M. Gabriele Laske SIONSF/OCE/MGG3Show Requests
ViewBiocomplexity Pamela Reid RSMASNSF/OCE/BIO2Show Requests
ViewCLIVAR Rept Hydrog. Ann McNichol WHOINSF/OCE3Show Requests
ViewCommunication Tech. George W. Luther UDEL_CEOENSF/OCE/EDU3Show Requests
ViewRemineralization Martial Taillefert GaTechNSF/OCE/CO2Show Requests
ViewW Boundary Current John M. Toole WHOINSF/OCE/PO3Show Requests
ViewALOHA-MARS Mooring Bruce M. Howe UH_SOESTNSF/OCE/OTIC2Show Requests
ViewE. Lau Spreading Ctr Douglas Wiens WUSTLNSF/OCE/MGG3Show Requests
ViewCSTORMS Lora Fleming RSMASNSF/OCE/CO2Show Requests
ViewMid-Ocean Ridge: JDF James Cowen UH_SOESTNSF/OCE/MGG1Show Requests
ViewSeafloor Seismic Stn Spahr C. Webb LDEONSF/OCE/OTIC1Show Requests
ViewHyd.thrml Fluid Chem Karen Von Damm UNHNSF/OCE/MGG1Show Requests
View3D Seismic Tomog. Douglas R. Toomey OregonNSF/OCE/MGG1Show Requests
ViewDeepSea H-thrml Vent Richard Lutz Rutgers_IMCSNSF/OCE/BIO1Show Requests
ViewAlexandrium Pop-Bio Donald Anderson WHOIOTHER1Show Requests
ViewCLIMODE John M. Toole WHOINSF/OCE/PO1Show Requests
ViewSea Level Record Richard Fairbanks LDEONSF/OCE/MGG1Show Requests
ViewNJersey Shelf Drill John Goff UTIGNAVY/ONR1Show Requests