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UNOLS Project ID: 100243 URI Serial #: 20040129113730LO
Date Submitted: 4/7/2006 5:38:00 PM Last Modified: 8/1/2007 2:14:00 PM
Status: Submitted Version #: 2
Principal Investigator (PI) Contact Information
John M. Toole
Physical Oceanography WHOI
(508) 289-2531
Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) & other collaborators Contact Information
Michael GreggUW_APL(206) 543-1353gregg*%*%*apl^%^%^washington^%^%^edu
John MarshallMIT(617) 253-9615marshall*%*%*gulf^%^%^mit^%^%^edu
Project Information (Proposal, Grant, Project, Contract, Program)
Project Title: Collaborative Research: CLIMODE (Joyce and Toole) Cross-Frontal Structure, Fluxes, Mixing and Downstream Evolution
Program Name: Climate Variability and Predictability  
Scientific Discipline: Physical Oceanography Eighteen Degree Water Dyn

Project Status: New Proposal
Project Funding Agencies:
Agency/Division/Program Grant or Project Number Funding Status
NSF/OCE/PO OCE-0424865 Funded

Other Agency or Program Description: Request may also cover OCE-0424536, R. Weller

Project Institution: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Institution Project #: PO11268.01

Project Start Date: 9/1/2004
End Date: 6/30/2009
Proposal Deadline
(proposal date):

Total Project Budget: $2,145,079
Project Description and Facility Requirements
Project Web Page:
Summary of Field Work:
Summary of Facility Requirements: PLEASE NOTE: This is one of two ship request forms for WHOI Proposal No. PO11268.01 Two more cruises to be added on the additional request form.

UNOLS Ship Request Changes 7/11/05: Two science days have been added to the 2006 Oceanus cruise request and the dates requested have been changed to 11/1/06-11/18/06 (from 10/1/06-10/15/06 formerly requested).
Summary of other requirements or comments: Late winter weather window needed for Knorr. Knorr cruises in 2007 are back to back with one port day in Bermuda for each cruise.

Ashtech GPS or equivalent
LADCP for CTD rosette
Argos RDF
Mooring winches on Oceanus supplied by WHOI
SeaSoar winch on Knorr supplied by WHOI
Radiosonde system on Knorr
List of Ship, Aircraft and Facility Requests
 YearShipTotal DaysCost EstimateStart Date (optimum)RepeatMulti-shipAreaClearanceStatus
View 2007 Knorr 21 $634,620 Feb 07, 2007 Yes No Yes Submitted

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