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Ship: Endeavor Schedule Status: Final Schedule ID: 11490
Schedule Year: 2012 Schedule Name: 222 Day Schedule 6/3/12
Notes: Schedule built around Dr. Dave Black's funded repeating cruises (1 in 2011, 4 in 2012, 1 in 2013), one every three months (sediment trap timers on 3-month programs) to Bermuda Rise for the same work.
7/1/11 - As Directed, changed Montoya from funded to pending
7/11/11 - Cancelled Montya cruise as directed by UNOLS Office
7/18/11 - Added McManus and "pending" USN cruise
8/1/11 - Notified by NSF to add Montoya crusie
8/9/11 -Notified by NSF to remove Seifert cruise. Added "Pending" Highsmith cruise in GOM
8/22/11 - Added Pending and To Be Submitted cruises as TBD
9/14/11 - Removed USN cruise(4 day) as requested by UNOLS Office
9/22/11 - Removed TBS cruises: Durbin(12 days) and Wang(18 days)
9/29/11 - Transit to Gulfport on 5/17 changed, will now originate from Morehead City not GSO, this will cut 3 days off total transit.
10/3/11 - Modified July transit to Morehead City (saves 3 days) and added Sievert cruise(26 days)
10/19/11 - Removed McManus as directed by NSF. Added 71 "Available for Service" days.
10/23/11 - Added McGillicuddy/Keafer (NOAA) 11 day cruise.
11/7/11 - Added NSF Inspection non-op days 3/13-14/2012; Available for Service days now 69.
11/28/11 - Moved 1st Black from 2/1 to original date of 2/8, added 3 days to Highsmith, moved Sievert start to 7/13 and end to 8/9 (demob 8/10)
1/4/2012 Two additional Highsmith cruises adds 38 operational days to our current published schedule(191 to 229). This includes an extra 18 transit days(24 to 42), net gain = 20 operational days. We were able to separate the two additional Highsmith cruises by 5 months as requested. The only notable cruise changes are moving Black's cruises in May from Narr/MC to MC/MC and in August Narr/Narr to Narr/MC.
1/17/12 - Canceled 4/26 transit, Black cruise in May, and 5/17 transit. Added 9 day ONR cruise 4/30 - 5/6.
1/22/12 - Added Transit days, Gulfport/Key West, for ONR cruise(3 to ONR, 3 to NSF). We now have 12 "avail for service " days in KW (5/11-22).
3/1/12 Remove September Highsmith cruise, change Black cruise arrival port to GSO, change September transit from GSO to Port Everglades. Added "Available for Service" 5/8-19 and 8/29 - 9/15. 198 Total Days.
3/7/12 - Put September Highsmith cruise, and transit days from Morehead City to Gulfport, back on schedule.
3/21/12 - Added two operating days to April Highsmith cruise.
3/30/12 - Highsmith September cruise changed from pending to funded.
4/9/12 - Added ONR MMB Baumgartner 9 day cruise start 11/28.
5/18/12 - Added Non-op day to test MOCNESS and new # 2 Winch to A-Frame fairlead for use on Montoya cruise
6/3/12 - Due to 1 week delay in Sievert cruise, transit Gulfport/GSO 7/7-14 & Sievert 7/22-8/9 GSO/GSO
7/12/12 Removed one transit day Gulfport/GSO 7/7-13 due to early arrival
6/29/12 Request from Sievert to delay ETD to 7/22 out of GSO
7/17/12 Request from Sievert to delay ETD to 7/24
7/24/12 Request from Sievert to delay ETD to 7/25
10/17/12 Removed 1 transit day PE/GSO due to early arrival
11/7/12 November Black cruise delayed 2 days
11/20/12 Arrived 1 day early Black cruise
  Cruise Information  
Ship Request Information
Operator Cruise ID:
Chief Scientist: David Black, SUNYSB
Activity Type: At Sea for Science
Created By: Thomas Glennon
Compare Request:
Project Short Title: BR particles
Requested Year: 2012
Requested Ship: Endeavor  
Request Type: Primary  
Created By: David Black  
Load Non-charge Days: 0
Load Charge Days: 2   Load Date: 11/7/2012
Activity Days: 5 Adjustment Days Start Date: 11/9/2012
Transit Days: 7 0 End Date: 11/20/2012
Unload Charge Days: 2   Unload Date: 11/22/2012
Unload Non-charge Days: 0
Mob Days: 2  
Science Days: 5 Optimum Start Date: 11/19/2012
Transit Estimate: 8 Earliest Start Date: 11/19/2012
Demob Days: 2 Latest Start Date: 12/3/2012
Repeating Cruise: Yes Dates To Avoid:
Number of Repeating Cruises: 4 Repeating Interval: 3 months
Repeating Cruise Comments: The project consists of six cruises over 18 months (one every three months). Cruises ideally need to be scheduled closely after the sediment traps have run their three-month programs.
Justification/Comments: Co-PIs on this proposal (Cindy Lee, J. Kirk Cochran, and Rob Armstrong) have deployed these particular traps with the Endeavor before, and felt this ship is ideal for our purposes. A larger ship (such as the Knorr) is overkill for our operations, while a smaller ship (such as the Cape Hatteras) is probably not large enough for our needs.

5 days of time on site should be sufficient for trap recovery and deployment, water pumping, and coring.
PI   Project/Purpose   Agency   Funding Status   Op Days
David Black, SUNYSB   BR particles   NSF/OCE/CO   Funded   12
  Start Port: Narragansett, RI, USA
  End Port: Narragansett, RI, USA
Requested Start Port: Narragansett, RI, USA
Intermediate Port(s): None
Requested End Port: Narragansett, RI, USA
Port Comments: Narragansett is the Endeavor's home port, and is conveniently close to the PI's institution (Stony Brook University, NY) for loading and travel purposes. It is also one of the closest ports to the mooring site, thus reducing transit time. Alternatively, Bermuda could be used as a port.
  Lat/Long Marsden Grid Navy Op Area
Op Area Description:
  Lat/Long Marsden Grid Navy Op Area
115 map
NA06 map
115 map
NA06 map
Op Area Description: BR particles
Coastal States Requiring Clearance:
Foreign Clearance Required: No
Foreign Clearance Comments:
Ancil Facilities:
Instrumentation Requested: Dredging/Coring/Large Dia. Trawl Wire
Instrumentation Comments: Coring is will be restricted to box-coring or multi-coring.
Ancil Facilities Requested:
Ancil Facility Comments:
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