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  Schedule Information  
Ship: Atlantis Schedule Status: Final Schedule ID: 13069
Schedule Year: 2016 Schedule Name: Version 12
Notes: 11/8: Medical Transfer on 11/8 @ 0900L Acapulco, MX.
10/28: Vsl arrives Manz., MX 1 day early d/t good wx & early completion of science objectives
10/7: Dever transit split out (NSF-OOI = 3 days/ 1 NSF-ISP
10/4: Changed transit/ Arrival to Newport 2 days earlier & 1 day earlier back into Newport on Dever (Day count is the same)
8/10: Changed end port for Cheadle to ARICA Chile.
7/13/16: 1) Corrected and added 1 operational / demob day for Grieve 7/16. (2) Shifted Donnelly back to Aug 13 start date and end date Aug 24. (3) Changed Donnelly end port to Montego Bay Jamaica. (4) Changed deadhead transit Montego Bay to Newport OR. Aug 26 to Sept 15.
7/5/16: 1) Changed Grieve's mid port port call to St. John's, CA 2) Shifted Donnelly departure to Aug 15th, end cruise Aug. 25th in Discovery Bay, Jamaica. 3) Changed transit, Discovery Bay to Newport, OR. 4) Added Donnelly de-mobe day Sept. 16th in Newport, OR.
5/2/16: (1) Added Reykjavik port call into Greive cruise, the start and end dates from WHOI remain the same. (2) Shifted Donnelly earlier to Aug 13. (3) Added transit from Kingston to Newport Or. (4) Added E. Dever OOI cruise Sept 19 - Oct 4. (5) Changed start port for Ding/Scott to Newport and start date to Oct 8. (6) Shifted Gregg 7 days later to start Nov 3. (7) Shifted Teske 8 days later to start Dec 9. (8) Mobilization ROV JASON 30. (9) Depart for Easter Island Jan 31.
4/4/16: 1) Adjusted Kurz ETA to April 2. (2) Cancelled M.Joye cruise in August. (3) Shifted Van Dover cruise to end at WHOI. (4) Changed Donnelly start port to WHOI Sept 13.
3/21: (1) Shortened M. Kurz cruise to April 3. Change Kurz end port to Charleston SC for thruster repairs (2) Altered El Faro cruise to April 18 - May 5. (3) Move Gregg, Teske and Transit one day earlier.
3/4: Added Cindy Van Dover early career scientist cruise July 28 - Aug 7, WHOI to Morehead City. (2) Changed Gulf Extremes/Joye transit to 6 days from MHC to Gulfport MS.
2/11: Added NTSB cruise with Sentry, April 15 - May 5.
2/26: Added Early Career Sci Cruise - Ch. Sci Cindy Van Dover. July 30 - Aug 14. Adds 8 days to sched. 281 total.
2/11: Added NTSB cruise with Sentry, April 15 - May 5.
12/10/16: Added NTSB Sentry cruise from Barbados to WHOI.
12/8/15: 1) Changed Kurz start port to Barbados. 2) Changed ETD Charleston for transit Feb 28. 3) Reduced S.Joye's by 4 op days to 29. New op day count 259.
10/15: Published Ver 1.0
  Cruise Information  
Ship Request Information
Operator Cruise ID:
Chief Scientist: None /transit, NoneTBD
Activity Type: At Sea for Science
Created By: Kerry Strom
Compare Request:
Project Short Title:
Requested Year:
Requested Ship:  
Request Type:  
Created By:  
Load Non-charge Days: 0
Load Charge Days: 0   Load Date: 8/26/2016
Activity Days: 0 Adjustment Days Start Date: 8/26/2016
Transit Days: 19 0 End Date: 9/13/2016
Unload Charge Days: 3   Unload Date: 9/16/2016
Unload Non-charge Days: 0
Mob Days:  
Science Days: Optimum Start Date:
Transit Estimate: Earliest Start Date:
Demob Days: Latest Start Date:
Repeating Cruise: Dates To Avoid:
Number of Repeating Cruises: Repeating Interval:
Repeating Cruise Comments:
PI   Project/Purpose   Agency   Funding Status   Op Days
  Transit   NSF/OCE/IPS   Funded   18
  Transit "OSU"   NSF-OOI/OOI   Funded   3
  J. Donnelly Demobe   NSF/OCE/MGG   Funded   1
  Start Port: Montego Bay, Jamaica
  End Port: Newport, OR, USA
Requested Start Port:
Intermediate Port(s):
Requested End Port:
Port Comments:
  Lat/Long Marsden Grid Navy Op Area
0° N / 0° E map
335 map
SA02 map
0° N / 0° E map
335 map
SA02 map
  Show Degrees Minutes    
Op Area Description: Transit
  Lat/Long Marsden Grid Navy Op Area
Op Area Description:
Coastal States Requiring Clearance: NONE(T)
Foreign Clearance Required:
Foreign Clearance Comments:
Ancil Facilities:
Instrumentation Requested:
Instrumentation Comments:
Ancil Facilities Requested:
Ancil Facility Comments:
External Cruise Webpage:
Cruise Notes: 10/7: Dever transit split out (NSF-OOI = 3 days/ 1 NSF-ISP, as per Bob Houtman email today.