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Question:   What are the Activity/Day Types and their definitions?
Answer:   At Sea for Science Day: All days at sea incident to the scientific mission.

Available for Service Day: Ship is mechanically and administratively prepared for at sea operations but not currently scheduled for any mission or project. Routine outfitting and general upkeep can occur during these days.

Inspection Day: A day in which the ship is undergoing an inspection by Navy, INSURV, NSF, USCG, ABS, other regulatory body, or an insurance company.

Outreach Day: A day in which the ship is primarily devoted to conducting an open house or other public outreach event. Include days spent mobilizing and demobilizing for the event.

Standby Day: Days in port for purposes of crew rest (e.g.weekends if that fits your ship) or weather/environmental reasons.

Overhaul or Repair Day: Planned shipyard overhaul or emergency repairs. Days undergoing overhauls, dry-docking, or other scheduled or unscheduled repairs during which the ship is not available for service. Also would include at sea shakedown of ship's overhauled equipment.

General Upkeep and Outfitting Day: Days in port for purposes of fitting out, general upkeep, and routine outfitting and minor pierside maintenance, which does not take the vessel out of service.

Out of Service Day: Days in which a ship is laid up out of service for an extended period for reasons of economy, unemployment, or unfitness for service.

Transit Day: At-sea days primarily for the purpose of going from one port to another or to/from a port and an area of research.