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Question:   How do I use the User Home Pages?
Answer:   We have changed the structure of the user home pages. The "User Information" tab is now where you will see system announcements and your member information. You can return to this information by clicking on the tab or by clicking on the "User Home" link at the top of the page when you are somewhere else in the site.

The second tab with "Principal Investigator" shows your projects and requests in the system and the schedules that are associated with those requests. If you do not have a Principal Investigator Tab, you can create one (and name it whatever you wish) using the "Customize Homepages" Button that is at the top right of your screen.

For other members, you may see extra tabs according to your privileges in the system.

Everyone can use the "Customize Homepages" tab to change what you see on each page. You can also add new pages or rename the tabs. To read more on customizing home pages click here.