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Question:   What does Status mean?
Answer:   Ship Time Requests can have multiple Statuses.

Draft Status - this is a planning document that only you and administrators to the system can see. Draft status is applied when you do not fill in all required fields for your STR or you have not clicked on the "Submit and Publish STR" button in the STR Manager. All documents start in Draft Status. You must MANUALLY change the status of your requests from "Draft" to "Submitted" using the radio buttons on the STR Manager page. Draft STRS can be Deleted from the system.

Submitted Status - can only be obtained when all required information has been filled out and the "Submit and Publish STR" button has been clicked. Once an STR has been submitted you are not able to Delete it. If you need to Archive or get rid of a Submitted STR or Project or Request, you can use the Withdrawn Status.

Withdrawn Status - When an STR needs to be Archived and is no longer valid, you can change the status to Withdrawn in the STR Manger with the "Withdraw STR" button.

Some restrictions exist for funded projects that have been scheduled, especially if the request is for a cruise that has already been conducted.