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Question:   How do I configure emails when re-publishing or re-versioning a schedule?
Answer:   To send email notification of schedule changes, you need to click on "Publish New Version", which we are also calling "re-versioning" a schedule. Changes are always saved when you edit and save cruises or header information, but a new version number and emails are only sent when you "Publish New Version".

When you click that button, you are first taken to a page to manage who gets emails of the schedule.

When determining the email recipients for a new version of your schedule, the "Send This Time" column of checkboxes determines who will receive the email. Some recipients are determined by the system and are always sent such as Any recipients that have the "always send" box checked will always be checked in the "Send this Time" column.

The following rules are used to determine who gets populated in the list of emails:

  • For Draft schedules, an email will only be sent if done so with the email link at the top of the "View Schedule" page.

  • For LOI schedules, an email will always be sent to any schedulers that are set as scheduling point of contacts for the ship.

  • For Secure and Final schedules, an email to will always be sent.

  • In addition, for Secure and Final Schedules - PIs, COPIs, and Chief Scientists for the cruises and scheduled STR's will be listed along with any members or email addresses you choose to add.

If a member shows up in the list and you don't want to send to that member, you can uncheck the "Send this time" checkbox for that member OR, if you don't ever want to send to the member, you can check the "Never Send" checkbox. By checking "Never Send", the user will continue to be populated in the list, but the "Never Send" checkbox will remain until a different box is selected.

You can add members that are not already populated in the list by searching for the member. If the member is not in the system, you can either add the user as a provisional member, or add the email address manually. If you would like this user to show up everytime you re-version the schedule, click on the "Always Send" checkbox for the member. If, for some reason, you no longer want to send to this member for this and future versions, just uncheck all of the checkboxes and they will be removed from your mailing list.

NOTES: if you want to continue to send emails to a manually added member in the future, they must have the "Always Send" or "Never Send" checkbox selected or they will be deleted from your mailing list the next time you re-publish. Also, if you have checked the "Never Send" box, you must uncheck it before you can select any other check box.

By clicking on the "Send Emails and Re-Version" button, the schedule version number will be incremented by one and an email will be sent to any email addresses that have the "Send This Time" and "Always Send" checkboxes marked.