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Question:   What is the difference between a Project and a Request?
Answer:   In the past, a shiptime request consisted of your contact information, Co-PIs, project or proposal information, ship requests and other information needed for scheduling and cruise planning.

The new system uses account information for the PI and CO-PI contact info.

The "Project" document contains all of the information related to a particular proposal, grant, cooperative agreement, program or contract that will support the program needing shiptime.

Each "Project" can have an unlimitted number of ship requests ("requests") associated with it. These requests will be specific to a particular calendar year, area of operation and type of ship. For different years, locations, ships or cruise objectives you would create separate requests. This is easily done by duplicating and modifying existing requests.

Under most cases, each "request" will describe a single cruise. The exception will be repeating cruises that are substantially the same but repeat several times during a year.

Under the new system a "ship time request" (STR) consists of the "project" and the associated "requests."