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UNOLS Project ID: 105400 URI Serial #: None
Date Submitted: 7/28/2016 3:33:00 PM Last Modified: 1/4/2021 11:12:00 PM
Status: Submitted Version #: 4
Principal Investigator (PI) Contact Information
Heidi M. Sosik
Biology WHOI
(508) 289-2311
Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) & other collaborators Contact Information
Steven LentzWHOI(508) 289-2808slentz*%*%*whoi^%^%^edu
Joel LlopizWHOI(508) 289-3845jllopiz*%*%*whoi^%^%^edu
Stace BeaulieuWHOI(508) 289-3536sbeaulieu*%*%*whoi^%^%^edu
Rubao JiWHOI(508) 289-2986rji*%*%*whoi^%^%^edu
Michael NeubertWHOI(508) 289-2962mneubert*%*%*whoi^%^%^edu
Changsheng ChenUMassD(508) 910-6388c1chen*%*%*umassd^%^%^edu
Tatiana RynearsonURI_GSO(401) 874-6554rynearson*%*%*gso^%^%^uri^%^%^edu
Susanne Menden-DeuerURI_GSO(401) 874-6608smenden*%*%*uri^%^%^edu
Rachel StanleyWellesley College(781) 283-3122rachel^%^%^stanley*%*%*wellesley^%^%^edu
Project Information (Proposal, Grant, Project, Contract, Program)
Project Title: LTER: Linking pelagic community structure with ecosystem dynamics and production regimes on the changing Northeast US shelf
Program Name: Long-Term Ecological Research  
Scientific Discipline: Multi-Disciplinary  

Project Status: Funded Grant/Proposal
Project Funding Agencies:
Agency/Division/Program Grant or Project Number Funding Status
NSF/OCE/BIO 1655686 Funded

Other Agency or Program Description:

Project Institution: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Institution Project #:

Project Start Date: 9/1/2017
End Date: 8/31/2023
Proposal Deadline
(proposal date):

Total Project Budget: $6,761,998
Project Description and Facility Requirements
Project Web Page:
Summary of Field Work: Characterization of how planktonic food webs change through space and time in response to changes in the physical environment, and how those changes impact ecosystem productivity, particularly of higher trophic levels.

This work will consist of cross-shelf transects between Woods Hole, MA and the OOI Pioneer Array location at the Northeast US shelf break. Station work with vertical profiles will be combined with continuous sampling underway and (on some cruises) deckboard incubation experiments.

Two 5-day cruises annually should be scheduled approximately 6 months apart, and out of phase with OOI Pioneer Array mooring turn-around cruises.

(Our goal is 4 seasonal transects, two in conjunction with OOI requests and two requested here).
Summary of Facility Requirements: We will need a CTD/rosette, ADCP, radioisotope van, and deck space for incubators with flowing seawater.
Summary of other requirements or comments:
List of Ship, Aircraft and Facility Requests
 YearShipTotal DaysCost EstimateStart Date (optimum)RepeatMulti-shipAreaClearanceStatus
View 2018 Endeavor 14 $356,048 Jan 15, 2018 Yes No WH-Pioneer No Submitted
View 2019 Endeavor 14 $369,754 Jan 15, 2019 Yes No WH-Pioneer No Submitted
View 2020 Endeavor 14 $388,234 Jan 15, 2020 Yes No WH-Pioneer No Submitted
View 2021 Endeavor 14 $407,624 Jan 15, 2021 Yes No WH-Pioneer No Submitted
View 2022 Endeavor 14 $427,994 Jan 15, 2022 Yes No WH-Pioneer No Submitted
View 2023 Neil Armstrong 7 $312,810 Jan 15, 2023 No No WH-Pioneer No Submitted

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