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Ship: Laurence M. Gould Schedule Status: Final Schedule ID: 11116
Schedule Year: 2011 Schedule Name: ARSV LAURENCE M GOULD October 24, 2011
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Chief Scientist: Ann Bucklin, UCONN
Activity Type: At Sea for Science
Created By: Chris Kenry
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Project Short Title:
Requested Year:
Requested Ship:  
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Load Non-charge Days: 0
Load Charge Days: 3   Load Date: 10/30/2011
Activity Days: 30 Adjustment Days Start Date: 11/2/2011
Transit Days: 0 0 End Date: 12/1/2011
Unload Charge Days: 3   Unload Date: 12/4/2011
Unload Non-charge Days: 0
Mob Days:  
Science Days: Optimum Start Date:
Transit Estimate: Earliest Start Date:
Demob Days: Latest Start Date:
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Number of Repeating Cruises: Repeating Interval:
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PI   Project/Purpose   Agency   Funding Status   Op Days
Ann Bucklin, UCONN   Salp Collection   NSF/OPP/ARC   Funded   30
  Start Port: Rada Punta Arenas, Chile
  End Port: Rada Punta Arenas, Chile
Requested Start Port:
Intermediate Port(s):
Requested End Port:
Port Comments:
  Lat/Long Marsden Grid Navy Op Area
53° S / 71° W map
487 map
SP09A map
53° S / 71° W map
487 map
SP09A map
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  Lat/Long Marsden Grid Navy Op Area
Op Area Description:
Coastal States Requiring Clearance: Chile(T)
Foreign Clearance Required:
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Ancil Facilities:
Instrumentation Requested:
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Cruise Notes: LMG11-10
Cape Shirreff Opening
Bucklin B-285
Warren B-393