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2020 - Neil Armstrong
Version 10
Secure - ID #14371    Version #3 - 9/15/2020

Scheduling Contact(s)
Kerry Strom kstrom*%*%*whoi^%^%^edu (508) 289-3938

Associated Cruises
Dep     Arr         PI/Purpose/Project # Days/Agency/Status  
Jan     Jan         General Upkeep/Outfitting// 0/OTHER/NonOp  
Jan     Jan         Savidge, D/PEACH/1559476
Miksis-Olds, J/ADEON/M16PC00003
Jan     Jan         General Upkeep/Outfitting// 0/OTHER/NonOp  
Jan     Jan         Transit/11 days/ 0/OTHER/P  
Jan     Feb         Overhaul or Repair/Regulatory 38 days/ 0/OTHER/F  
Feb     Mar         Transit/Ledwell Test/
Transit/ARM-MB&USBL cal/
Transit/Non-Op Transit 6d/
Mar     Mar         General Upkeep/Outfitting/5 Days/ 0/OTHER/NonOp  
Mar     Mar         Llopiz, J/OTZ WHOI shiptime/ 8/INST-WHOI/F  
Mar     Jun         General Upkeep/Outfitting/79 Days/ 0/OTHER/NonOp  
Jun     Jun         Plueddemann, A/OOI Pioneer/ 14/NSF-OOI-OOI/F  
Jun     Jun         General Upkeep/Outfitting/2 Days/ 0/OTHER/NonOp  
Jun     Jul         Pickart, R/OSNAP West/1756361 39/NSF-OCE-PO/F  
Jul     Aug         General Upkeep/Outfitting/6 Days/ 0/OTHER/NonOp  
Aug     Sep         OOI Project Team, W/OOI Irminger Sea/
Bower, A/OSNAP-GDWBC Moorings/1756363
Sep     Sep         General Upkeep/Outfitting/9 Days/ 0/OTHER/NonOp  
Sep     Oct         Johns, W/OSNAP East 2020/1756231
MacKinnon, J/niskin/
Oct     Oct         General Upkeep/Outfitting/2 Days/ 0/OTHER/NonOp  
Oct     Nov         Plueddemann, A/OOI Pioneer/ 11/NSF-OOI-OOI/F  
Nov     Nov         Plueddemann, A/OOI Pioneer/ 7/NSF-OOI-OOI/F  
Nov     Nov         General Upkeep/Outfitting/17 Days/ 0/OTHER/NonOp  
Dec     Dec         Miksis-Olds, J/ADEON/M16PC00003
Heintz, M/2020 Jason Eng Dives/
Dec     Dec         General Upkeep/Outfitting/8 Days/ 0/OTHER/NonOp  
Agency   Funded   Pending   Total
INST   10   0   10
NAVY   42   0   42
NSF   65   2   67
NSF-OOI   60   0   60
OTHER   0   0   0
Total  177 2 179