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Name:   Oceanus   Abbreviation:   Oceanus
Ship Class:   Ocean/Intermediate   Institution:   Oregon State University - Ship Operations
Homeport:   Newport, OR, USA   Currently Active:   Active
Call Sign:   WXAQ   ICES Ship Code:   32OC
Official Number:   CG025927   IMO Code:   7603617
UNOLS Ship ID:   OC   Ship Web Page :   http://ceoas.oregonstate.edu/oceanus/

Points of Contact

TypePoint Of ContactJob Title
Scheduling Kaya Johnson, Or Marine Superintendent
Marine Superintendent Kaya Johnson, Or
Marine Technician Andrew Woogen, CEOAS OSU Marine Technician Superintndent
Other Christine Golden, OSU Ship Ops
Scheduling Christine Golden, OSU Ship Ops

Ship Schedules

 YearStatus# CruisesSchedule NameDate Last Modified
View2008Final19  Feb 16, 2009
View2009Final19Published Jan 05, 2010
View2010Final242010 Oceanus Schedule Aug 09, 2011
View2011Final20Final 2011 Jan 03, 2012
View2012Final222012 Oceanus Schedule (OSU) Jan 16, 2013
View2013Final232013 OCEANUS - published v.2 Dec 19, 2013
View2014Final242014 - OCEANUS schedule Mar 17, 2015
View2015Final222015 - OCEANUS schedule Aug 11, 2016
View2016Final29R/V OCEANUS 2016 Dec 09, 2016
View2017Final312017 OCEANUS Apr 04, 2018
View2018Final372018 OCEANUS Dec 19, 2018
View2019Final452019 OCEANUS Schedule Jan 07, 2020
View2020Secure142020 COVID-19 Adapted R/V Oceanus Schedule Jul 13, 2020