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  Schedule Information  
Ship: Atlantis Schedule Status: Final Schedule ID: 13726
Schedule Year: 2018 Schedule Name: Version 13
Notes: 11/19: Atlantis arrived 1 day early to San Diego (19th instead of the 20th) will use the extra day for demobe.
11/16: 1 day early departure d/t berth availability
11/8: Departed for Guaymas on the 7th instead of the 8th to make up for transit mistake (7 days were allocated when 8 were needed).
11/1: 1 day later arrival into Puntarenas (Oct 14th), 1 day added to NSF-OCE-BIO" on the transit and 1 day removed from the same on the load.
10/8: Departing San Juan 1 day later d/t thruster issue. ETA Costa Rica holding. (In port charged 1 more day to BIO, removed 1 transit day from BIO (breakeven).
8/8: "Alvin/LARS NAVSEA Survey has been officially
rescheduled from July 2018 to the week of 07 January 2019 (in the
5/15: Take 1 of Cordes' mobe days & Sentry's eng dive days (to MGG) over to San Juan for 2 additional PREmobe days for PAC cruises.
Added 1 outreach days in San Diego.
Hopefully will get to San Diego in time for the Outreach event.
3/22: Gregg cruise awarded 1 more day for Alvin dives.
1/12: Return from OOI AB Jan 20th (not the 21st)
Made Jan 24th a load day for the deadhead transit until we know what happens in Monte w/ the USCG inspection.
1/8: Departed Monte 2 days early. Hope to catch USCG inspection on the 21st.
12/20: Navy releases AT from search/ demobe on Jan 1st. 3 day shift to the right.
12/14: Additional delay w/ Sub Search
11/30: Koppers deferred OOI AB back on after CURV ops
11/22: Gregg funded 3 additional days and dmobe in San Diego, ADDED 1 more day of transit to get to 9N (Station 2).
10/13: Adams cruise will be planned as 15 days until the 5 remaining days are funded to make it 20.
9/26: Lyle requests 2 mobe days instead of the 1 originally requested on STR.
9/14: Add Sentry 3 Eng Dives to Alvin Cruise, minus 1 day from Kurz, + 1 day to Cordes
9/8: End Hutchins in San Juan 5 days total in port for demobe/ mobe Behrenfeld
8/30: No deadhead to WHOI $
9/5: Shift Koppers 3 days to the left for the OOI AB -3 days.
7/28: Eason "W" (34 days)
7/17: Demobe Lang in PR to save on deadhead transit (3 days overall savings)
6/30: Moved Lang to the left 1 week to get Jason 2 weeks to transit from Bermuda to WA (Tivey on Ride)
5/31: Orcutt w/ Jason on Ride
4/6: Need to add time at WHOI for ABS and in Astoria for Navsea???
4/3: End Hutchins in Barbados
2/21: June NAVSEA Ext. Cert. Survey (5 days) WHOI
2/20: Hutchin's IN/ Saito & Hodgekiss OUT (Armstrong)
1/31: Corrected Johns voyage from 2015-18
-Cordes wants his 2017 cruise 14 months before the 2018 cruise.
12/29: S. Lang Cayman DECLINED, Karson & Wanless "W"
  Cruise Information  
Ship Request Information
Operator Cruise ID: AT42-03
Chief Scientist: Erik Cordes, Temple
Activity Type: At Sea for Science
Created By: Kerry Strom
Compare Request:
Project Short Title: Costa Rica seeps
Requested Year: 2018
Requested Ship: Alvin  
Request Type: Primary  
Created By: Erik Cordes  
Load Non-charge Days: 0
Load Charge Days: 1   Load Date: 10/15/2018
Activity Days: 20 Adjustment Days Start Date: 10/16/2018
Transit Days: 2 0 End Date: 11/6/2018
Unload Charge Days: 0   Unload Date: 11/6/2018
Unload Non-charge Days: 0
Mob Days: 3  
Science Days: 20 Optimum Start Date: 5/15/2018
Transit Estimate: 0 Earliest Start Date: 5/1/2018
Demob Days: 1 Latest Start Date: 10/1/2018
Repeating Cruise: No Dates To Avoid: There are two cruises requested, and ideally this cruise should be exactly one year after the previous cruise [now scheduled for May 2017]. It should also start early enough to provide ample time for sample processing and analysis before the end of the project in September 2019.
Number of Repeating Cruises: 0 Repeating Interval:
Repeating Cruise Comments: None
Justification/Comments: Alvin / Sentry is preferred. Alvin alone will not suffice, as we plan a number of near-seafloor surveys that would require Sentry. The alternative to this combination is the ROV Jason. If Jason, we do not have a preference for the support ship. Cordes currently has a conflict with a cruise that is scheduled for 9/20/17 - 10/22/17.
PI   Project/Purpose   Agency   Funding Status   Op Days
Erik Cordes, Temple   Costa Rica seeps   NSF/OCE/BIO   Funded   23
  Alvin/ Sentry   OTHER   Funded   0
  Start Port: Puntarenas, Costa Rica
  End Port: Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Requested Start Port: Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Intermediate Port(s): None,
Requested End Port: Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Port Comments: Our starting sites are only approximately 50 nautical miles from Puntarenas, CR.
  Lat/Long Marsden Grid Navy Op Area
9° N / 84.5° W map
9 map
NP13 map
9° N / 84.5° W map
9 map
NP13 map
  Show Degrees Minutes    
Op Area Description: Costa Rica
  Lat/Long Marsden Grid Navy Op Area
9° N / 84.5° W map
9 map
NP13 map
9° N / 84.5° W map
9 map
NP13 map
  Show Degrees Minutes    
Op Area Description: Costa Rica
Coastal States Requiring Clearance: Costa Rica(A)
Foreign Clearance Required: Yes
Costa Rica
Foreign Clearance Comments: We have worked in the area before and are familiar with all of the permitting requirements. An observer from Costa Rica will be among the scientific party and we have been in contact with them about this proposal.
Ancil Facilities:
Instrumentation Requested: Dynamic Positioning
Other Operator Provided Inst. - Describe
Instrumentation Comments: The Wire Flyer is a ship-towed (at 3-4 knots) autonomous vehicle that slides up and down a standard 0.322 cable in a controlled manner (Roman and Hebert, 2011). Using the lift force created by wing foils, the vehicle can achieve controlled up and down profiling velocities (0- 2.25 m/sec) within a specified depth band down to ~900 m depth. The high repetition rate of the Wire Flyer provides a far more complete data set than would be possible with repeat ship board CTD casts. While being towed, updated commands and condensed data samples can be sent to and from the Wire Flyer via an acoustic modem to refine the sampling speed and depths to ensure proper coverage. The vehicle typically creates high horizontal resolution (T, S, O2, Chl, CDOM, turb) sections. For this project a Satlantic Deep SeaFET pH sensor will be integrated along with the SBE 49 FastCAT, Aanderaa 4831f O2 sensor and Wetlabs triple Ecopuck. These sensors will also be available to be used on the submersibles.
Ancil Facilities Requested: Sentry
Ancil Facility Comments: We require either Alvin plus Sentry (preferred) or Jason.
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