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Year:   2011
Ancillary Facility:   Ocean Bottom Seismograph Instrument Pool (OBSIP)
Status(es):   Published
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Year   Ship   Schedule Name   Schedule Status      
Dep   Arr   Start Port/End Port   PI/Purpose/Project #   Days/Agency/Status  

2011   Kilo Moana   Kilo Moana Version A   Final     View Schedule
24 Jul   30 Jul   Honolulu/Honolulu   Caplan-Auerbach, J/Loihi seismicity/ARRA 0851128   6/NSF-OCE-MGG/F   View Cruise

2011   Wecoma   WECOMA 2011   Final     View Schedule
15 Oct   21 Oct   Newport/Newport   //
W Toomey, D/Cascadia/
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Agency   Funded   Pending   Total
NSF   12   0   12
Total  12 0 12