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Fats in the ocean - SUBMITTED  
UNOLS Project ID: 106745 URI Serial #: None
Date Submitted: 2/9/2020 8:11:00 PM Last Modified: 7/17/2020 9:33:00 PM
Status: Submitted Version #: 2
Principal Investigator (PI) Contact Information
Benjamin Van Mooy
Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry WHOI
(508) 289-2322
Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) & other collaborators Contact Information
Project Information (Proposal, Grant, Project, Contract, Program)
Project Title: Production and Fate of Fats in the Upper Ocean.
Program Name:  
Scientific Discipline: Chemical Oceanography  

Project Status: New Proposal
Project Funding Agencies:
Agency/Division/Program Grant or Project Number Funding Status
NSF/OCE/CO 2022597 Funded

Other Agency or Program Description:

Project Institution: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Institution Project #:

Project Start Date: 9/1/2020
End Date: 8/31/2023
Proposal Deadline
(proposal date):

Total Project Budget: $818,733
Project Description and Facility Requirements
Project Web Page:
Summary of Field Work: The cruises for this project involve finding coastal phytoplankton blooms and then drifting with them for three days (i.e., Langrangian sampling). We will sample with round-the-clock CTD casts. We will also deploy drifting sediment traps and primary production arrays (stable 13C). Three cruises are requested: Gulf of Maine (Endeavor), Orgeon coast (Oceanus) and Sargasso Sea (Atlantic Explorer).
Summary of Facility Requirements: We will need CTD, A-frame for sediment trap and primary production array deployment, sufficient deck-space for incubators in a location that does not obstruct sunlight.
Summary of other requirements or comments:
List of Ship, Aircraft and Facility Requests
 YearShipTotal DaysCost EstimateStart Date (optimum)RepeatMulti-shipAreaClearanceStatus
View 2021 Endeavor 10 $232,928 Jul 07, 2021 No No Gulf of Maine No Submitted
View 2022 Oceanus 10 $251,560 Jul 07, 2022 No No Oregon coast No Submitted
View 2023 Atlantic Explorer 10 $246,024 Mar 01, 2023 No No Sargasso Sea Yes Submitted

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